Tonight I had to put a band-aid on my very very soon to be five year old son. Poor little man is still crying and it’s been more than 10 minutes since we put the band-aid on his boo-boo.

Reminds me of myself everytime, when I was his age, always over exaggerating my scraps and bruises but hey.. at age five if your bleeding your dieing..right? But when we get older we do not even realize we have hurt ourselves for hours after the fact.

How many times have we cried when God puts a band-aid over our boo-boo? Over the last two years due to my separation from my wife I have cried a lot as God has placed band-aids over my hurts and pains. But after it is all said and done the soothing effect of the band-aid and ointment is awesome. It covers the scars so they can heal properly.

How many times have we hurt our testimony and it’s hours later that we realize we have? How do we allow God to repair that? We must go to that person, apologize and ask for forgiveness. Admission of guilt is painful..I know it all too well…but the soothing feeling of forgiveness is amazing. Praise God for His mercy and grace!