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Psalms 119:11

Thy word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against you.


How many times have we fumbled in the dark until we gave up and finally turned on the light switch? How many bruises,  hurt knees from chairs or tables, and how many hurt toes or feet from stepping on a toy or something? Too many for me to count in my personal life that’s for sure!

It is the same in our spiritual walk as it is in the physical when it comes to the light switch.

How many times do we fumble around feeling lost because we have not gotten into God’s Word (the lamp) to find the direction we should go? How many addictions have we suffered through and hurt ourselves and those we love because we feel “I got this” knowing dang well we don’t? Again too many to count for me personally.

Trust me when I say it was only by getting into God’s Word and letting the light envelope me that my darkness has subsided. I turned on my light switch. I now have His Word in my heart lighting the way. Notice most light switches around the world have to be pushed up to turn the light on. So look up, read His Word (the lamp) and let it guide you.