Rise of the Guardians

Went to see Rise of the Guardians with my children last night. I was holding my son during the whole movie until the very end when Jack Frost had to make Jamie believe in the Easter bunny again when God hit me on the head. I actually spoke out loud “That’s it! Wow!” I’m sure those around me thought I was weird but that’s ok because I am, lol.


Rise of the Guardians

The whole movie centered around the belief of these Icons: Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Sandman, Tooth Fairy and the fact that no one believed in Jack Frost or the Boogeyman. Well, the Boogeyman was determined to change that by turning everyone against these icons so their belief in them would fade causing them to disappear. But there was one child, Jamie, who just would not stop believing which was the hope behind their victory against the Boogeyman. Jack Frost gave him a sign from his heart and while standing their became visible to Jamie.  It was at that moment in the movie that God spoke to me.

You see what He told me was that despite all the battles we face, as Christians, there is hope. And it is through the child like faith, we should have in our Father, that the hope shines for others. Children have an unbelievable trust. They trust without thinking. They don’t ask the question will this chair hold me up…they just plop down . They will walk up to anyone with their precious smiles and say hi…and carry on a conversation with that person even if they can’t talk perfectly. And the cool thing is they believe in Jesus at a young age, as well, just because their parent or an adult told them.

They believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny because we, their parents, have given them “signs” that they are real. They believe, though they have never seen any of them in person. Our Father, God, gives us daily “signs” that He is real. We have the morning sunrise and the evening sunset..those wonderfully painted skies God paints for us daily. He gives us a  love for others that tugs at our heartstrings with an unimaginable force. He gives us weird signs too…you know the ones that tug at your gut and says nah you don’t need to do that or go that way today. He is all around us in the air, clouds, water, leaves, grass, animals, and yes people. Unfortunately we miss these signs daily. So our belief falls when the struggles come…but HE IS there.

And just as Jack was explaining to Jamie at the end of the movie when he had to leave. That moment when he knelt down and told Jamie that because you believe..I will always be with you..in here..pointing at his heart.  Just as Christ lives in our hearts..we are the guardians of the faith.

And it is in  people that others see God in action. It is through our belief that others see. It is now been told to me by God that through my belief in Him, even if I go at it alone, others will see Him and believe.

I just reread this and it is still not what God truly spoke to me. But I had to try to share it with you the best I could. Words just can’t express my joy when He hit me.

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