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This really is an interesting story. You have Lot and his wife who God is going to take out of the city before He destroys it because of the sinfulness of the people. The men, angels of the Lord, grab them by the hand and set them outside the city. They then tell them to go and not look back. Personally, if an angel of the Lord grabbed me and my family by my hand and took us outside of Rayville, La and said go and don’t look back for we are about to destroy the city..I’d be like ok. Lot and his wife had an experience like no other in my eyes. No where does it say that the men who had tried  to start the getting to the “know” them party the night before were chasing them. So that means, to me anyway, that the angels actually flew them out of the city. It does say they set them outside the city..not stopped.



But while leaving Lot’s wife looks back and turns into a pillar of salt. There could be many discussions on why she looked back. I think it’s simple…she had friends there, she had “loved” ones there and she had sins there and they are going to go poof. Friends she will not have because of the lifestyle they chose to live and sins she can not go back to because it has been destroyed.

Well…we have all had a Lot’s wife experience in our lives. God grabbed us and pulled us out of our death(sin) and set us down, as heirs, in His kingdom through Christ. Our sinfulness destroyed by the shedding of His Son’s blood. But there are times when we look over our shoulders, not to turn into a pillar of salt, but to stumble, trip or fall.

The only reason we should look back is to show someone what God brought us out of. Not to look back and go man I really miss that bar, the neighborhood, that lover, that sin or habit.